1: Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the developing areas in computer science that aims to design and develop intelligent machines that can demonstrate higher level of resilience to complex decision-making environments (López, 2005[1]). The computations that at any time make it possible to assist users to perceive, reason, and act forms the basis for effective Artificial Intelligence (National Research Council Staff, 1997[2]) in any given computational device (e.g. computers, robotics etc.,). This makes it clear that the AI in a given environment can be accomplished only through the simulation of the real-world scenarios into logical cases with associated reasoning in order to enableRead More →

Internet Television: The Present and the Future Introduction The emergence of the Internet has revolutionized the way people conduct their life and activities, without them being aware of it. Conventional activities like going to the library, reading books, and shopping have converged to a single activity of sitting at the personal computer. Not only these, technology-based activities like watching television, listening to music and communicating on the telephone etc., which had previously been considered developed beyond expectations, have radically changed even more. One no longer gets mesmerized by watching videos on the Internet or “streaming” news items from web sites such as www.mtv.com or www.bbc.co.uk,Read More →

Divya Srinivasan, N.R.Raajan, Jayakumar V.K, Manonmani P Abstract: In this era where smartness is the key, automatic systems are preferred over manual ones. An important application of smart technology is efficient energy utilization, which is the need of the hour. Energy consumption can be minimized by turning off lights when they are not required, optimizing lighting levels to suit workers and by embracing green technology. One simple way to reduce carbon footprint is the usage of a lighting control system which delivers light as per the requirements and avoid unnecessary wastage. In this paper, a lighting control system using an android application has been proposed.Read More →

Theoretical Concepts and Technical Aspects on Image Segmentation Image segmentation is a very significant area in computer vision. Image segmentation, partitions an image into multiple regions based on certain similarity constraints. This acts as the pre-processing stage in several image analysis problems like image compression, image recognition etc. Segmentation is the vital part for the successful extraction of image features and classification. Image segmentation can be defined as the partition of an image into several regions or categories. These regions can be similar in any features like color, texture, intensity etc. Every pixel in an image is assigned to any one of the categorised region.Read More →

Gait, as a promising unintrusive biometric, has attracted several researchers in recent years. In intelligent surveillance, the advantage of accessibility at a distance makes gait a promising behavior characteristic for recognition. Human identification from arbitrary views may be a terribly very drawback, particularly once one is walking at a distance. Over the previous couple of years, recognizing identity from gait patterns has become a well-liked space of analysis in life science and pc vision, and one among the foremost made applications of image analysis and understanding. Also, gait recognition is being thought of as a next-generation recognition identification technology , with pertinence to several civilianRead More →

1) INTRODUCTION Network of electricity that intelligently integrates with users actions connected to network for sustainable, economical and secure supply is called smart grid [1]. Smart grid is called smart due to fast communication and networking capabilities. Smart grid has an important role in energy structure adjustment, coping with climate changes and economic development [2]. Since 1982 energy demand during peak hour is increasing 25% approximately every year [3]. New intelligent devices must be used to fulfill energy requirements. In order to add intelligence new technologies are to be developed. Electric intelligence is only requirement for operational cost and energy consumption reduction [4]. These newRead More →

DEVELOPMENT OF A HAND GLOVE CONTROLLER REHABILITATION AIDS Muhammad Hafizudin Bin Abdul Manas Abstract A hand-glove with a sensor is developed for rehabilitation aids. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the hand glove with a sensor that can be used as an input signal for rehabilitation purpose. This project, the wheelchair is used as a mechanism. The project will be control by the flex sensor. This sensor will be guide the wheelchair to move forward, reverse, right and left direction by using the algorithm hand gesture. The Arduino UNO (ATmega328) is used as an interface with the flex sensor and wheelchair. This ArduinoRead More →

Evaluate the Technological Solutions Available to Ameliorate Global Warming Introduction Global warming has been proven to be the direct result of anthropogenic causes or man-made interventions with nature. Starting with the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th Century, technologies have been developed that resulted in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which trap the sun’s radiant energy. This enhanced greenhouse effect gradually raises the earth’s surface temperatures and is projected to create irregular environmental conditions, namely: the melting of polar ice caps, rising of sea level, profound agricultural changes resulting from climate change, extinction of species, abnormal weather conditions, increased incidence of tropicalRead More →

Table of Contents (Jump to) Abstract Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Application Integration requirements EAI integration Architecture EAI using XML interface Case study on Business Intelligence Steps converting file onto open source XML EAI moving forward Advantages and disadvantages of Enterprise Application Integration Conclusion References List of Figures Need for Enterprise Application Integration Abstract Business Intelligence helps in strategic alignment of businesses. By performing visualization and applying several Business Intelligence tools; company can understand in better way how the people, processes, income and technology can be used together at an Enterprise level. Enterprise Application Integration is an informal process which has been carried out with integrationRead More →

ABSTRACT In this paper, we give detailed information about development of microprocessor based automatic gate. In common gate operations many times troubles will occur, using microprocessor based automatic gate, we can completely remove these troubles easily. We are going to use this automatic gate in Automatic Car Parking. The automatic gate senses vehicle which they come near to it. It automatically opens, wait for a definite time, and closes after the time has passed. This system can also regularly check the number of vehicle that entered the parking area and calculate the available space limit of the area. The automatic gate developed in this paperRead More →